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The Local Trader Code of Practice is an accepted industry standard. It is a mark of credibility and competence and indicates a respectable reputation. Members must sign the code of practice and agree to abide by it.

Full details of the Code are outlined below:

Local Trader Code of Practice

Each member shall comply with this Code and any other Guidance issued by Local Trader from time to time.

1) All transactions

a. Each member shall conduct its business lawfully, comply with all relevant legislation and judicial decisions applicable to the nation in which they conduct their business and trade fair and responsibly.

b. Each member must display their privacy policy prominently and must make available a link to their published trading terms and conditions and these must clearly state if any product/service provision guarantees have been put in place, and what they are, as well as their full returns policy.

c. Each member must publish its privacy policy on a web page named privacy. For example: privacy.html, privacy.php or privacy.asp etc. A link to the privacy page must be prominently displayed at any point on the site where a member collects user data.

d. Each member shall act reasonably and with integrity in the day-to-day conduct of his/her business.

For example:

i. Provide adequate training for staff members, bringing to their attention the principles of this Code and requiring them to carry out their duties in accordance with it. Also, ensure continuous and appropriate training of staff in respect of current legislation and best practice as applicable within their industry.
ii. Follow where appropriate any requests conveyed to a member by Local Trader from any enforcement authority.
iii. Follow where appropriate any guidance notes issued by Local Trader.
iv. Notify Local Trader of any matters which might adversely affect the reputation of the industry or of Local Trader.

e. Each member shall:

i. Comply with all relevant government legislation revisions, updates and amendments. For example:

* Administration of Justice
* Consumer Credit (and regulations thereunder)
* Sex Discrimination
* Disability Discrimination
* Race Relations
* Data Protection
* Consumer Protection
* Criminal Justice
* Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations
* Trade Names and Copyrights
* Companies and Sole Trader Acts
* Human Rights
* Mental Health

This list is not exhaustive.

ii. Use plain English in all communications, and also Afrikaans if you are trading in South Africa or Namibia unless you make it clear on your website that you only support the English language.
iii. All correspondence must show the full business address, telephone number and email address, where used.
iv. In all contacts by staff or agents, ensure that the member's identity is clearly disclosed.
v. All members have a duty to ensure that their agents, subcontractors and subsidiaries comply with the Local Trader's Code and Guidelines.
vi. Comply with all reasonable requests by consumers, clients, or their appointed representatives for information concerning their purchases, agreements and accounts.
vii. All members shall ensure that the Local Trader's Code is available on their own websites, or that they publish a "Compliance" text link from their site which points to this page.

2) Confidentiality

Members must keep in strict confidence any information supplied by consumers or others, except where disclosure is authorised by the consumer or others or permitted or required by law.

3) Complaints

a. Each member shall have in place adequate processes to deal with consumer or client complaints, this must contain the following minimum procedure:

i. The management level at which complaints are handled.
ii. The time frame in which complaints are handled.
iii. The remedy, if the complainant is not satisfied.
iv. Complainants must be advised that one of the remedies is referral of the complaint to Local Trader where appropriate.

b. Members shall deal with complaints speedily, responsively, in a user-friendly fashion and at an appropriate management level.

c. Members' complaints procedures must be made available to the complainant or his/her advisor on request.

d. If a complaint is made to Local Trader in relation to dealing with a member of Local Trader, we will deal with the complaint in accordance with the published complaints procedure.

6) Local Trader

a. Local Trader shall monitor the compliance of members with the Code and may each year publish a report of the number and types of complaints received.

b. Any instance of non-compliance shall be drawn to the attention of the member concerned. In the event of continued non-compliance, or a serious breach, the Local Trader Disciplinary Committee will take such action as it deems appropriate, including a warning or recommendation of expulsion of the member concerned from membership.

c. Membership of Local Trader entitles the member to display an approved trade association symbol thereby indicating their adherence to this Code of Practice.

d. The approved trade association symbol is based on a star rating between one and five stars. Adverse star ratings are due to a level of complaints received about a member and/or a level of general non compliance of this code.

e. Each member must inform Local Trader of all trading names in use in relation to the website for which membership was assigned.








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