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Terms & Conditions


This agreement is between you and LOCALTRADER.INFO


You may not host the Local Trader Certification Award Seal on your own server. You must follow our installation instructions in order to display the seal from your website. We are able to assist you with the installation, if required.


Membership fees will be billed annually until membership is cancelled by the member by signing into the member account on the LOCAL TRADER website and cancelling the membership.


Refunds are available when you cancel your membership before the end of its term for each unused month. No refunds are available for part-used months. No refunds are made for the original registration fee.


Local Trader memberships are assigned to a website under one domain name. Please make a fresh application for each additional domain name.


Local Trader reserves the right to refuse membership and the granting of the Local Trader Site Certification Award Membership Seal. Upon an initial membership application, a Local Trader Membership Seal is awarded to the applicant with a three (3) star rating. This is the default star ranking assigned to all new members. A Local Trader operator will then review your website and the procedures published on your site, based on a 'Yes' or 'No' check list. The Local Trader Gold Star Ranking system has been developed to employ the use of an algorithm based on point scoring. Every Yes or No answer to the operator's checklist will add to a total score, and the member's star ranking will be awarded based on this score. At no time does any human operator make the decision on how many stars to award a member. Site reviews can take up to eight weeks. New members will be notified of the actual star ranking awarded to their domain once their site was reviewed. When this star ranking is less than the three stars initially awarded, assistance will be provided to help the new member regain his initially issued ranking of three stars in the fastest possible time. A star ranking of four (4) stars may be awarded after this review. LOCAL TRADER reserves the right to refuse a membership application without giving reason. WEBSITES WHICH ARE OFFERING A PRODUCT OR SERVICE LISTED ON THE LOCAL TRADER PROHIBITED LIST, CAN NOT APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP. LOCAL TRADER WILL BE THE SOLE JUDGE AS TO WHICH PRODUCTS ARE ACCEPTABLE.


Any consumer filing a complaint must first attempt to resolve the issue with the merchant. Only after seeking resolution with the merchant may a complaint be filed. All complaints filed must be reasonable and professional. Any complaints containing foul language will automatically be disregarded and not taken seriously. If a complaint is filed Local Trader will if requested serve as an intermediate between the merchant and the consumer. By participating in the Merchant Certified program the merchant's obligation is to respond to such mediation. Any participation is voluntary. The merchant is under no circumstances forced to comply with any demands from the consumer and is ultimately responsible for the outcome of such mediations. Mediation will only serve as a last resort of any conflict between a merchant and a consumer. Merchants are strongly encouraged to abide by traditional and reasonable Internet business and refund practices. Furthermore, member merchants are not obligated to follow any advice or suggestions from either Local Trader or any consumer but are strongly urged to seek resolution in any matter put forth to them.


In order to maintain your 5 star rating, you must ensure that you do not allow more than one (1) complaint to remain unresolved for more than 21 days. To regain a lost star, you must ensure that all outstanding complaints were resolved and no new complaints were filed which remain outstanding for more than 21 days for a period of three (3) consecutive months. FOUR (4) or more open issues remaining unresolved or without any correspondence from a member for more than 21 days, and all at the same time, will result in the loss of one (1) star. It is the responsibility of each member to ensure that his/her contact details, particularly his/her email address, are correct and up to date at all times.
Unresolved disputes can cause revocation of membership.


Any merchant is responsible for their own business and business practices including websites and customer service policies. You agree to indemnify and not hold us responsible for any claims arising from the use of the Local Trader membership. Local Trader will under no circumstance be liable for any damages or losses incurred from the use of this website or from information provided through this website.


A merchant may terminate this agreement by sending an email to Local Trader stating that membership is cancelled. Local Trader reserves the right to terminate any membership at any moment and for any reason.


By using this website you further agree to any other information, including rules and regulations, that are posted on this website but are not included in this agreement.


All contents on this website are copyrighted under international copyright laws.









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