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Prohibited Content

Websites who offer the following content may not apply.

Fireworks or Pyrotechnic Devices or Supplies.

Alcoholic Beverages.

Data harvesting of names and email addresses for third party distribution, regardless of privacy policy revealing statements.

Any site that does not reveal or attempts to mask its true purpose for personal, financial or anonymous data collection. We are the sole judge.

Tobacco Products or Tobacco Substitutes.

Drug Paraphernalia.

Live Animals.


Prescription Drugs, Controlled Substances, Unapproved Drugs.

Hazardous Materials, Combustibles, Corrosives.

E-Mail Advertising, Opt-In or Any Commercial Messaging Services.

Gambling Transactions or Sports Gambling Prognostication.

Securities Trading, Insurance, Currency Exchange, Licensed Sales.

Pre-Adult Content - Pictures, Videos, etc. of Individuals Under the Age of 18 Years.

Replica and Name Brand "Knock Off" Products.

Hotel, Airfare, Accommodations, Car Rental, Travel Services.

IRC Chat Hosting, Game Server Hosting, Shell Accounts.

Online Games.

Any site with a Lottery, Raffle, or Contest.

Credit Card Protection, Credit Repair Services, Applications for Financial Services or Loans, Collection Services.

"Money Making Schemes", e.g. Matrix, Multi-level Marketing, Get-Paid-for-Surveys, Home Mailing, Secret Shopper Services, Etc. This includes sites with overblown financial gain predictions. We are the sole judge of this.

Satellite Signal Decoding Products, Cards and Card Programming.

Phone Chat Lines.

Phone Cards, Long Distance, VoIP or PC-to-Phone Service, SMS.

Psychic Readings.

Sites That Promote Hatred, Racism or Religious Persecution.

IT Certification Test Exams and Study Aids.

Degrees or Diplomas (Unless accredited by an association recognised by CHEA, ASPA, or U.S. Secretary of Education).

Services Using Credit Card Transactions as Deposits or Credits.

Dating and Marriage sites.

Auctions, or selling through auction sites.

Any product or service enabling consumers to circumvent locks, programming codes or security features, or to gain access to features or services for which they have not expressly paid.

Any site, for any other reason we deem unfit for certification. We need not explain the reason behind our decision.

Any site we deem a "scam". We are the sole judge.









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