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Registration and Application Fees

Registration Fee

The procedure of performing initial checks on a website and checking its authenticity, cannot be automated and must therefore be carried out by an operator. We therefore require a fee to cover these costs. Currently this fee is £15.00 and it is non refundable.

Annual Membership Fee

This is currently set at £30.00 per annum. Membership payments are due yearly in advance and are refundable. See terms.

Included in your membership is the Local Trader complaint mediation service, which is optimised for taking an unbiased view of a complaint filed by a consumer, with the goal of finding a solution to restore consumer confidence and retain the integrity of this Certification Award Program, as well as bringing about a situation which will increase the credibility of the member to the consumer.

NOTE: This service INCLUDES full complaint mediation, unlike other sites which merely check that you have a privacy policy in place and let you display a seal on your site. Such seal programs are worthless.








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